Adventure Activities
  • Buggy Tour

    Buggy Tour

    Enjoy a guided Buggy tour. Drive your own Buggy, on an established route. Although there is no free driving and you must follow the instructions of the tour guide, the tour includes excitement, fun and a resting point where participants can rest, eat, and enjoy the scenery. The route has curves where you will have to show your driving skills. But don’t worry, after a few curves the fun begins.

    Free cancellation 3 Hour/s
    from 220,00 
  • E-Carts with Fashion Outlet Shopping

    Ekarts with Fashion Outlet Shopping

    Ekarts is an unprecedented leisure area in Mallorca, where fun and excitement with family and friends are guaranteed. It is also located 7 km from Palma within the Mallorca Fashion outlet area which offers shops of the best brands in fashion, sport and restaurants of all kinds. Ideal for shopping before the end of your holidays!

    Free cancellation
    from 99,00 
  • Horseback excursion north of the island

    Horseback excursion north of the island

    Our horseback riding routes are specially chosen for riding in the middle of nature in a preserved natural environment. Our horses are characterized for being well trained and easy to ride. This excursion has a duration of 2 hours in the afternoon, this way you can enjoy the sunset leaving behind the intense hours of heat.

    Free cancellation 2 Hour/s
  • Mallorca Balloons

    A dream come true – enjoy the most beautiful island in the world from above. Be the main actor on an impressive hot air balloon ride.

    Free cancellation 3 Hour/s
    from 188,00 
  • Quad Tour Adventure Playa de Palma

    Quad biking adventure from Arenal. Drive through the wilderness. Explore by quad and swim in a beautiful cove.

    Free cancellation 3 Hour/s
    from 95,00 
  • Suzuki Jeep Safari

    Suzuki Jeep Safari

    The Jeep Safari Mallorca takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of the island, the Tramuntana Mountains in the center of Mallorca.A Mallorcan family makes available for the safari their private grounds of over 52 square kilometers.At the manor house of the private property in the middle of the grounds we start with our common Mallorca experience.

    Free cancellation 4 Hour/s
    from 82,00