19. October 2022

The best way to visit Palma de Mallorca

You've probably seen the red and yellow double-decker buses that run in different cities at one time or another! These buses go around the streets of the city giving tours for visitors and residents to learn about the history of the place. The name of the company is City Sightseeing, and it was created in the late 1990s. It was born in Seville in 1998 and, a year later, it was presented at the World Travel Market as a franchise model, a tourism event that takes place every year in England and where projects and destinations of the English and world tourism sector are presented.
11. October 2022

Mallorca dresses up for Halloween

Halloween, celebrated on the 31st of October every year, is known as a festivity where adults and children dress up in scary-themed costumes and, in addition, children take to the streets to beg for sweets and chocolate on the doorsteps of houses with the phrase "trick or treat"? Many years ago, Mallorca, influenced by American television and series, started to celebrate Halloween in schools and thus have a reason to celebrate for the little ones. Over the years, the original celebration has been mixed and merged with other festivities from other cultures and in the 7th century, the Pontifical Council officially declared 1 November as All Saints' Day.
7. October 2022

Palma de Mallorca, christmas lights switch on

The city of Palma looks cheerful and familiar every year during the Christmas season thanks to its streets which, when the sun goes down, light up, inviting the locals to go out at the most eagerly awaited time of the year, both for children and adults, and enjoy the Christmas spirit that pervades the centre as it is decorated, as it is every year, with lights placed around the trunks of each of the trees that make up the Paseo del Borne and large balls of lights. Many streets and avenues are decorated, such as the Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I, covered with a marquee of Christmas lights, or Calle San Miguel, with lights in the shape of a star.
4. October 2022

Palma de Mallorca Marathon, sport and holidays in Mallorca

Every year for almost two decades a Marathon has been held in Palma de Mallorca, currently known as the Palma de Mallorca Marathon (PMM), organised by the Government of the Balearic Islands. Until a few years ago, the marathon was called TUI Marathon. One of the reasons for doing this sport is the ease of doing it at the time of your choice, the low cost of clothing and the fact that you can choose the place where you feel most comfortable.
3. October 2022

TIK TOK as a social network

The emergence, evolution and rise of the Internet, new technologies and, simultaneously, social networks, have gained prominence in recent decades. Social networks and digital platforms are currently a widely used channel for the dissemination of informative, entertainment, cultural or educational content and offer direct communication between creator and receiver, as users can follow other users and thus see everything they publish or upload to their profile and/or pages.Tik Tok is an application of videos of all kinds that adjusts its algorithm to the tastes of users, thus showing, on the main page, videos related to the preferences and interactions of each one.
3. October 2022

The change in the music industry with the entry of Tik Tok

The music industry, as well as many other branches of different sectors, both cultural, labour, social and economic, have undergone drastic changes and have evolved with the arrival, and constant development, of the internet, in the first instance, and the subsequent arrival, and growth, of social networks. Before the digital era, vinyl and cassette were the predominant music media on the market until the advent of the Compact Disc, or CD, and, later, MP3...
30. September 2022

The relevance of video today

Nowadays and, above all, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred during the year 2020, the use of mobile phones and the hours of internet content consumption have increased notably. Currently, 67.1% of the world's population owns a mobile phone, almost five billion people (4.95 billion) use the internet and 4.62 billion people are active on social networks, according to a report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. By 2022, the vice president of an American technology company, Marta Karczewick, estimated in 2020 that 82% of internet traffic would be video.
30. September 2022

QR code, quick response

The initials QR stand for Quick Response. QR codes are a variation of the barcode, but with a square shape and patterns that vary from one to another. These codes have the ability to collect computer language information. After the pandemic that occurred as a result of COVID-19 during the first few months, the use of QR codes was necessary for all audiences and ages. Another reason why the use of QR codes has expanded is due to the high use of mobile phones nowadays. These codes can be found today in restaurants, at airports, in public places, leisure centres, and a long list of other places.
28. September 2022

La nit de l’art, nights of art and exhibitions in the streets of palma and valldemossa

La nit de l'art is a tradition that takes place every year in Palma in September and, for a shorter period of time, in Valldemossa. It consists of one or several nights where artists, some museums and art galleries openly exhibit their works to the public. The streets of Palma are filled with creativity, light and people who enjoy a stroll in the open air exploring the most hidden corners of the city.
28. September 2022

Boleros and copeos mallorquines, a tradition that lasts through the years

On several days of the year, students from the island's music and dance school perform the ball de bot - baile de salto or baile de bote in Spanish - in Palma, a dance that originated in Mallorca in the 17th and 18th centuries and which is made up of several types of dances: the jota, the fandango, the bolero and the copeo. This type of dance is the result of an adaptation by the popular class of a dance, derived from the theatre, introduced by the higher social classes of society.
24. August 2022

Top 5 for adventurers – Mallorca with a certain adrenaline kick

We all know and love Mallorca, but have you ever dared to try one of the numerous activities that makes your pulse beat a little faster?
We have tested five activities for you and are thrilled. There's something for everyone - whether on land or in the water. If your nerves allow it, why not try them all out? A different kind of holiday in Mallorca. Life is more fun when it's an adventure. With the buggies, everyone gets their money's worth and the fun factor is simply a dream.
11. August 2022

Deià -a paradise worth seeing

The village of Deià in Mallorca is located in the middle of the breathtaking Tramuntana mountain range, which flows into the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. Here is where the beauty of nature, earthly pleasures, social harmony and great restaurants and cafes are combined. Relaxed, friendly, inspiring atmosphere combined with a little eccentricity. This is due to the fact that artists, musicians and writers from all over the world have settled here. Traditional stone-built fincas make up the architecture of the village, offering a breathtaking sight against the bright blue sky.
11. August 2022

Playa de Palma – a paradise on earth

Relaxation, variety and entertainment on only 6km of beach. If you are planning your beach holiday and have always dreamed of staying in a beautiful beach hotel with direct access to the Mediterranean and a breathtaking view from your balcony, then Playa de Palma is the place for you. It is only a 10-minute drive that separates the resort of Playa de Palma and the airport. Along the kilometer-long, white sandy beach and the turquoise blue sea, the promenade stretches out with countless leisure facilities and shops. The width of the beach allows for a variety of sports activities and the countless amusements offer diverse entertainment possibilities day and night.
10. August 2022

Tourist evolution of Mallorca

Have you ever wondered how and when Mallorca became one of the most popular travel destinations? Join us on a little journey into the past. Around 1900, Palma Cathedral established itself as an interesting travel magnet and even then attracted many tourists from all over the world. More and more interest was also aroused in Pollenca and Cala Ratjada, where the first hotels on the island opened. The beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) interrupted this development. Visitor numbers did not pick up again until the 1950s and 1960s. The reasons: The Second World War had brought about significant advances in aviation technology and, for the first time, northern Europeans were entitled to regular holidays.
9. August 2022

History of the conquest of Mallorca

Christians, Romans and Moors have all left their mark on the beautiful old town of Palma de Mallorca. The Almudaina Royal Castle is the official residence of the current monarchs Its name means "fortress" in Arabic. Also reminiscent of the Moorish period on the island are the nearby baths. After the defeat of the Moors at the Battle of Navas de Tolosa (1212), Jaime I set about expanding his empire in the Mediterranean. This process formed an important part of the project and was carried out from 1228 promoted by the monarch. On September 5, 1229, the Christian fleet set sail from Salou, Cambrils and Tarragona and headed for Mallorca.
7. August 2022

An indescribable dream landscape – The north coast of Mallorca

Rugged cliffs and kilometres of sandy beaches - this is what makes up the contrasting north coast of Mallorca. Cap Formentor, the figurehead of the north, completes the bizarre natural landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains and is thus one of the island's main attractions. The long bay of Alcudia is also one of the island's tourist hotspots. The light-coloured sandy beach stretches for kilometres along the coast. This beach is particularly popular with families, because it slopes gently down into the sea and thus offers enough safety and the necessary fun factor even for the very young among us.
7. August 2022

5 activities you should not miss: Our 5 Family top – Fun – Attractions

There is no question that Mallorca really has a lot to offer. Whether it is to go to the beach, or hiking in the mountains. The island really leaves nothing to be desired. We have made the effort, and have picked out this time 5 activities that will make especially the families a lot of fun. Because hire you have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of small and large in equal parts. On a family vacation it is a must to have visited at least one of these places, although here we think none of these activities should be skipped.
23. July 2022

The Chopin Museum in Valldemossa

The museum was opened in the first half of the 20th century in the Carthusian monastery where Fryderyk Chopin and George Sand lived in the winter of 1838-1839. Its collection contains memorabilia of the famous composer and his partner. Among the most interesting exhibits are: Fryderyk Chopin's lock of hair and the original Pleyel piano. Visit the Valldemossa Charterhouse and follow in the footsteps of composer Frédéric Chopin and writer George Sand. The two artists stayed here for three months in the winter of 1838/1839. Its collection contains memorabilia of the famous composer and his partner.
23. July 2022

The Posidonia plant

You know how it is, you want to go to the beach on your holiday, arrive there full of expectation and instead of crystal-clear water and waves you find a net of water plants. Have you also always thought it was algae that washed ashore and lost the desire to swim? Today we explain to you what natural phenomenon you will find when the beach is full of it. Posidonia oceanica, the Posidonia plant, forms widely branching roots and shoot axes and leaves up to one metre long. After flowering, the leaves die from the tip and detach from the shoot axis. They fray and wash ashore, where we find them annoying and disgusting. The rhizomes also wash up on the beach.
15. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Sunday

Weekly markets are an essential part of Mallorca’s culture. You can find markets happening all over the island. Here you can buy as much as you like of the local fruit for which Spain is famous. Markets with market days from Monday to Saturday can be found in Palma, Alcudia, Calvia, Sineu, Consell, Llucmajor, Cala d Or and Pont d Inca. Weekly markets are held in some towns on several market days per week. On Sundays, a market visit can be the highlight of the weekend. Towns where weekly markets are held on Sundays are listed below. The markets usually welcome visitors from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
15. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Saturday

Visiting at least one of the markets in Mallorca is an essential part of a holiday there. It’s the best place to buy fruit and vegetables, cheese, flowers or local products, as well as to learn more about the island’s traditions and the items handcrafted by locals. With a bit of luck you can find a lovely souvenir or gift to take to your loved ones back home. In addition to food, you can choose from a variety of handcrafted products, jewellery, leather bags, accessories and clothing. The weekly markets in Mallorca take place on Saturday mornings, among other days, at various locations. Saturday is a popular market day in Mallorca.
15. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Friday

Mallorca is a popular holiday destination for Germans. Experience the sun, beach and sea on your holiday, discover the wide range of landscapes and cultural sights, and last but not least, enjoy the culinary specialities and regional products. Freshfruit and vegetables, fish, pasta, high-quality olive oils and delicious wines are not only available for purchase in the capital Palma. These and a wide variety of other products can also be purchased at one of the many weekly markets that are held all over Mallorca. The opening hours of the individual markets vary, however. While you can shop at the famous market in Sineu every Wednesday, the weekly market in Es Pont d'Inca and the market in Arenal are only open on Thursdays.
15. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Thursday

Tourists and locals alike love the markets in Mallorca. Local markets offer you a clear idea of how the locals live. They offer you a chance to get to know Mallorca’s unique cuisine. There are more than 100 markets across the island, reflecting a deep-rooted tradition of weekly markets that are an essential element of Mallorcan culture. In addition to fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, the stands sell products like honey, spices and herbs. Some of the largest markets on the island can be found in the capital Palma de Mallorca. There are also weekly markets with long traditions further inland and in small towns.
13. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Wednesday

Mallorca’s markets are ideal to go on a shopping spree or to simply take a stroll. The famous markets of the capital are open daily. Traditional weekly markets take place in the towns and villages of Mallorca and they are always worth a visit. They are a meeting place for locals who know where to find all kinds of food, fruits and vegetables. For some they are a social event, while others just want to do their shopping on the way back from work. In addition to the weekly markets, where mainly local products and culinary specialities are sold, there are also various flea and art markets in Mallorca.
13. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Tuesday

A holiday in Mallorca is more than just beach, sun and waves. There is a lot to discover on the Balearic island. A special highlight are the numerous weekly markets, where merchants from all over Mallorca sell their goods. Here you will find local, fresh food products and much more. Many markets, such as those in Sineu or Santa Maria del Camí, also sell clothes, plants, jewellery and leather items. You can even find locally made works of art. Each market is unique and only takes place on certain days of the week. For example, the market in Son Servera is always open on Fridays, while in Santa Maria del Camí numerous stands attract visitors from all over the island on Sundays.
13. May 2022

Mallorca Markets Monday

Markets are traditional in Mallorca and you will find them all over the island. Here you can buy fresh food such as local fruit and vegetables directly from the farmers. The weekly markets in Artà, Sineu and Santa Maria del Camí are particularly famous and are visited by many tourists. However, they only take place once a week. There are also many markets which you can peruse on other days, such as the Monday markets in Cala Millor and Calvia. The various markets of Mallorca not only offer a selection of fresh and healthy food such as fruits or vegetables. You can also find clothes or handcrafted items and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a real work of art at one of these weekly markets!
12. May 2022

Valldemossa – Experience history and culture

The old village of Valldemossa in the mountains above the northwest coast of Mallorca has been famous since Chopin and George Sand stayed on the island. It swaddles travellers with the quiet, picturesque melancholy of sandstone-coloured houses with hanging flower pots, green shutters, winding alleys and cobblestone pavements. The old Carthusian monastery of the town is a witness to the tragic love story of George Sand and Frédéric Chopin and was already there when Catalina Thomás, one of the patron saints of Mallorca, Saint Catherine of Palma, was born in Valldemossa.
12. May 2022

Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor

The Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience in the municipality of Manacor on Mallorca is a special sporting experience for young and old - a place where fans of the tennis star can learn more about their hero. It’s also an unforgettable adventure those who are interested in other sports and want to actively experience the life of a professional athlete. Tickets cost between 6 and 18 euros. Rafael Nadal himself played a large role in the establishment of the Museum Xperience on Mallorca.
12. May 2022

Nature Park de Llevant

The Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant is a 1671.96-hectare nature reserve that covers the northern tip of the Llevant peninsula, which is located on the most north-easterly edge of Mallorca. With its natural landscapes, hiking opportunities and undeveloped, generally quite deserted beaches, the nature reserves is one of the most beautiful day-trip destinations in the north-east of Mallorca. The northernmost point of the Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant is the Cap de Ferrutx. The northern part of the park is home to a number of rather sizeable hills, including Talaia Moreira (433 m) and Puig de S’Alga (268 m).
11. May 2022

Cycling tours in Mallorca

Discover Mallorca by bike! The island off the coast of Spain is perfect for long bike rides. Many professionals train on the numerous cycling paths and routes. But tourists can also discover the beautiful and varied landscapes of Mallorca while cycling. Many cycling routes are marked with signs and are easy even for amateur cyclists. You can also enjoy a relaxing bike tour with the whole family in the south of the island starting from the capital city of Palma. Mountain bikers can really burn off steam on the numerous cycle paths in the northwest.
11. May 2022

Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium gives holidaymakers on Mallorca the opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey into the depths of the ocean. The diversity of the underwater world is enchanting, drawing adults and children alike under its unique spell. As such, a visit to the aquarium is sure to be a hit day trip for all the family. The refuge for the denizens of the sea is made up of a multitude of aquariums spread throughout different habitats, all of which can be viewed with the expertise of experienced, conservationist tour guides. During this journey, visitors to the aquatic habitats will be able to interact with the plants and animals and learn how to preserve and protect ocean life.
11. May 2022

Palma historical center

The capital of Mallorca is next to dream beaches, full of modern restaurants and chic hotels. Those who take the time to stroll through the idyllic streets in addition to visiting the popular sights like Palma's cathedral will discover fragrant orange trees, lovingly restored mansions and charming shops. If you stay in a hotel with sea views and typical Mallorcan interiors, you’re sure to have an unforgettable holiday. The medieval old town of Palma has much to offer. Many of the city's sights are located in the Casco Antiguo (old town) neighbourhood and its surroundings. Among these you will find the famous cathedral, or “Seu” in Catalan, the Es Baluard museum and the Almudaina royal castle.
10. May 2022

Easter in Mallorca

Easter on Mallorca is the biggest festival in the Christian calendar, and an incredible celebration of the Passion of Christ by the island’s faithful. The processions held during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, follow a strict set of rules, and are organised every year by historical brotherhoods. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are the high points of Holy Week, drawing spectators from all around the world. Afterwards the Eater celebrations on the island take on more of a family feel, with day trips and outdoor picnics.
10. May 2022

La Reserva Adventure Park in Puigpunyet

The adventure park La Reserva Puig de Galatzó, near Puigpunyent, is one of the most interesting recreational parks in Mallorca. It is located just outside the village of Puigpunyent in a small, remote mountain valley on the southeast slope of the Puig de Galatzó, in the southwest of Mallorca. Due to its location at Puig de Galatzó, it is sometimes called Galatzó Park. The location of the park, in the middle of the idyllic landscape of the southern Tramuntana mountains, about 17 kilometres from the capital Palma de Mallorca, makes it specially attractive.
10. May 2022

Katmandu Adventure Park

Just 20 minutes’ drive from Palma, Mallorca’s Katmandu Park is a popular and easily accessible destination for the island’s tourists and holidaymakers. Every year, the huge range of attractions at the adventure park attracts visitors old and new, especially families with children. Its modest prices, clean facilities and well-maintained rides are a treat for adventure fans of all ages who are looking forward to an action-filled day under the sunny skies of Mallorca.
8. May 2022

Cave of Cala Varques

It is the secluded nature of Cala Varques on Mallorca that is the main source of its special allure. The small, rocky bay lies on a difficult-to-reach section of the island’s coast, south of Porto Cristo and between Cala Romantica in s'Estany d'en Mas and Cales de Mallorca. However, those who make the journey are richly rewarded, and their exertions will be forgotten the moment they spy the crystal-clear, turquoise water and fine, sandy beach, framed beautifully by two rocky headlands covered in pines and the maquis shrubland.
8. May 2022

The red lightning train from Soller

The Ferrocarril de Sóller - often referred to in travel guides as the “Red Lightning” - is one of Mallorca’s most popular attractions. The historic narrow-gauge train - which was originally used for the transportation of citrus fruits - connects the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, with the cosy and idyllic town of Sóller in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. From there, travellers can continue their journey to Port de Sóller using the historic tram.
30. April 2022

Mondrago Nature Park in Mallorca

The Mondrago Natural Park (Catalan: Parc Natural de Mondragó) is an extensive nature reserve in the southeast of the Balearic island of Mallorca. The rugged coastal landscape between the Bay of Palma and Colònia de Sant Jordi is one of the least developed regions of Mallorca. Authentic natural beauty hides behind the cliffs, small bays and long, fine sandy beaches.
30. April 2022

Marineland Mallorca

Much more than just dolphins! Marineland Mallorca, located on the largest Balearic island, is the home of many animals worth discovering. Marine mammals, tropical birds and reptiles make the trip with the whole family an unforgettable experience. Incredible dolphin and sea lion shows as well as many other exciting activities await visitors at Aqualand.
30. April 2022

Climbing parks in Mallorca

Climbing is a popular adventure sport - children and adults alike lover overcoming sporting challenges as a way of improving their fitness and endurance. But what makes climbing different is that it’s also incredibly fun - especially the rush of fresh air as you descend from the top of a successful climb on a high rope course! Mallorca offers plenty of opportunities to experience this thrill.
30. April 2022

Cabrera Island

Quiet secluded beaches, rare bird species and just a stone's throw away from ">Palma de Mallorca: Cabrera is a real insider tip for nature lovers and hiking fans. It is the largest island of the archipelago in the Balearic Islands and only 13 kilometres from the holiday island of Mallorca. This makes Cabrera quick and easy to reach by water. A bus transfer from Palma takes visitors first to the port in Port de Sant Jordi.
29. April 2022

Dragon Caves Porto Cristo

The dragon caves Cuevas del Drach, on the edge of the picturesque port city of Porto Cristo, on the east coast of Mallorca, are one of the most popular destinations on the island. They belong to the largest stalactite caves in Europe and leave visitors in speechless with a spectacular world of surreal rock formations, imposing stalactites, breath-taking colours, and one of the largest underground lakes in the world.
16. April 2022

Castell de Bellver in Palma de Mallorca

On a wooded hill near Palma de Mallorca lies the Castell de Bellver, a castle dating back to the 14th century. Its unique round tower is the only one of its kind in all of Spain. The castle is clearly visible from the sea and from all over the city. Apart from the cathedral, the fortress, which has been converted into a museum , is the most famous landmark of Palma. The spectacular panoramic view from the castle over the forests, the entire city to the marina and the sea is the highlight of every visit.